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Rez Records

"Your Expression OF





Rez Records is an international faith-based music company - more than just a record label, located in Fayetteville, Georgia, featuring the best tools and top-notch services to get your music ready for release. This is what we are called to do and we give the best. Please browse through our website today. We do everything in excellence.


It doesn't matter what style you express God's love, either through

Praise & Worship, Rap, Funk, World, R&B or even through sound design... we do it all.




This session is what we call the "birthing stage" where, at your request we offer a scripture based sacred songwriting session. If you have a song that needs its words amended, we will also help you.



We capture and carve your sound with our top on the line and high end recording gears. At this level, We help you record your vocals or if needed, at your request,, we create soundtracks for your songs as well.



This is the stage where we help you glue your multi-track recordings -vocals and other musical instruments together into 2-Track stereo and get them ready for mastering. 



That Yay! moment is what this stage creates. This is the final stage of your production. We take your final 2-stereo track mix, carefully treat it with our high end gear and make it commercially ready for release. You won't be disappointed.

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